Dawn of Crafting Wiki

Tool Crafting is for crafting tools for the Player and his/her Minion. Tool are used to gather items, craft, and defend against enemies encountered in the game. Here are the recipes, listed in the order in which they occur in the Recipe Book.

Item Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Tool Skill Level
Sharp Stone Stone Stone 0.0
Primitive Axe Sharp Stone Vine Stick Hand 0.0
Primitive Hammer Stone Vine Stick Hand 5.0
Primitive Knife Sharp Stone Stick Stone 5.0
Stone Axe Head Stone Knife 10.0
Vine Rope 2 Vine Hand 10.0
Stone Axe Stone Axe Head Stick Stone 10.0
Primitive Spear Stone Knife Vine Rope Stick Hand 15.0
Camp Fire 10 Stick 10 Stone Fire 15.0
Small Fire Stick Bark Strips Hand 15.0
Bone Hook Bone Lvl 2 Knife 20.0
Primitive Fishing Rod Bone Hook Vine Rope Hand 25.0
Sling Light Fur 5 Bark Strip Hand 25.0
Bonfire 20 Stick 20 Stone Fire 30.0
Arrow Bone Stick Feather Stone 30.0
Wooden Fishing Rod Worm Primitive Fishing Rod Stick Hand 35.0
Basic Knife Sharp Stone Vine Rope Stick Lvl 2 Hammer 35.0
Basic Hammer Stone Vine Rope Stick Lvl 2 Hammer 35.0
Bark Rope 2 Bark Strip Hand 40.0
Primitive Claw 2 Sharp Stone Vine Stick Hand 50.0
Sharp Shiny Stone Shiny Stone Lvl 3 Hammer 50.0
Advanced Hammer Stone Vine Rope Peeled Stick Lvl 3 Hammer 55.0
Stick Hand
Advanced Axe Stone Axe Head Peeled Stick Lvl 3 Hammer 55.0
20 Stick
10 Feather Bark Rope Peeled Stick Hand 60.0
10 Bone 2 Bark Rope Hand