Dawn of Crafting Wiki

Tool Crafting is for crafting tools for the Player and their Minion. Tools are used to gather items, craft, and defend against enemies encountered in the game. The recipes are listed below in the order they occur in the Recipe Book.

Result Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Tool Skill Req'd Power Other
Sharp stone Stone Stone 0 1 Durability: 5
Primitive Axe Stick Sharp stone Vine Hand 5 / Durability: 15
Primitive Hammer Stick Vine Stone Hand 10 1 Durability: 15
Stone Axe Head Stone Sharp Stone 15 1 Durability: 10
Primitive Knife Sharp Stone Stick Stone 15 2 Durability: 15
Small Fire Stick Bark Strips Hand 20 /
Bone Hook Bone Primitive Knife 20 /
Vine Rope Vine x2 Hand 20 /
Stone Axe Stone Axe Head Stick Stone 20 / Durability: 25
Sling Light Fur Bark Strips x5 Hand 25 4
Primitive Spear Sharp Stone Stick Vine rope Hand 25 3
Camp Fire Stick x10 Stone x10 Small Fire 25 1 Max Heat: 1000
Primitive Fishing Rod Bone Hook Vine Rope Hand 30 / Max Bait: 25
Arrow Bone Stick Feather Stone 30 /
Basic Hammer Stick Vine Rope Stone Primitive Hammer 35 /
Basic Knife Stick Vine Rope Sharp Stone Primitive Hammer 35 3
Wooden Fishing Rod Primitive Fishing Rod Stick Worm Hand 35 / Max Bait: 50
Bonfire Stick x20 Stone x20 Small Fire 40 / Max Heat: 2000
Bark Rope Bark Strips x2 Hand 45 /
Sharp Bone Bone Primitive Hammer 45 2
Sharp Shiny Stone Shiny Stone Basic Hammer 50 3
Primitive Claw Sharp Stone x2 Stick Vine Hand 50 /
Advanced Hammer Peeled Stick Vine Rope Stone Hammer 55 /
Advanced Axe Peeled Stick Axe Head Hammer 55 /
Advanced Fishing Rod Primitive Fishing Rod Stick Fish Meat Hand 55 / Max Bait: 100
Advanced Knife Peeled Stick Vine Rope Sharp Bone Hammer 55 4
Advanced Spear Sharp Bone Peeled Stick Vine Rope Hand 55 5
Stacked Bone Bone x10 Bark Rope x2 Hand 60 /
Brush Peeled Stick Bark Rope Feather x10 Hand 60 /
Trowel Head Sharp Stone Hammer 60 /
Kiln Stick x20 Mud Brick x20 Small Fire 60 / Max Heat: 3000
Colored Brush Red Berry x5 Lettuce x5 Blue Berry x5 Brush 65 /
Basic Claw Sharp Stone x2 Stick Vine Rope Hammer 65 /
Basic Torch Stick Light Fur Charcoal Fire 65 /
Basic Trowel Trowel Head Vine Stick Hammer 65 /
Epic Knife Peeled Stick Bark Rope Sharp Bone Hammer 70 5
Epic Fishing Rod Primitive Fishing Rod Peeled Stick Fish Meat Hand 70 / Max Bait: 200
Epic Axe Peeled Stick Bark Rope Axe Head Hammer 70 /
Epic Hammer Peeled Stick Bark Rope Stone Hammer 70 /
Epic Spear Sharp Bone Peeled Stick Bark Rope Hand 70 6
Furnace Stone x80 Mud Brick x80 Small Fire 80 / Max Heat: 5000
Advanced Claw Sharp Stone x2 Peeled Stick Vine Rope Primitive Hammer 80 /
Advanced Trowel Trowel Head Vine Rope Peeled Stick Basic Hammer 80 /
Epic Claw Sharp Stone x2 Peeled Stick Bark Rope Basic Hammer 85 /
Epic Trowel Trowel Head Bark Rope Peeled Stick Advanced Hammer 90 /
Tactical Tool Peeled Stick Bark Rope x3 Stone x6 Epic Hammer 100 7
Tactical Shiny Tool Peeled Stick Bark Rope x3 Shiny Stone x6 Epic Hammer 120 10