Dawn of Crafting Wiki

Meal preparation is one of the ways to create food for the Player and his/her Minion. These are the recipes for Meal Preparation, listed in the order in which they appear in the Recipe Book.

Item Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Tool Prep Level
Peeled Banana Banana Hand 0.0
Peeled Orange Orange Hand 0.0
Walnut Kernel Walnut Stone 0.0
Sliced Banana Peeled Banana Knife 0.0
Peanut Kernel Peanut Hand 5.0
Opened Coconut Coconut Stone 10.0
Raw Coconut Opened Coconut Knife 15.0
Mixed Berries Blue Berry Red Berry Hand 15.0
Blue Berry Mash 2 Blue Berry Coconut Shell Stone 15.0
Red Berry Mash 2 Red Berry Coconut Shell Stone 15.0
Chestnut Kernel Chestnut Stone 15.0
Mixed Berry Mash 2 Mixed Berries Coconut Shell Stone 20.0
Sliced Orange Orange Knife 25.0
Banana Mash 2 Peeled Banana Coconut Shell Stone 25.0
Sliced Tomato Tomato Knife 30.0
Cut Lettuce Lettuce Knife 30.0
Sliced Carrot Carrot Knife 30.0
Tomato Salad Sliced Tomato Cut Lettuce Coconut Shell Hand 35.0
Carrot Salad Sliced Carrot Cut Lettuce Coconut Shell Hand 35.0
Sliced Potato Potato Knife 35.0
Sliced Eggplant Eggplant Knife 35.0
Mashed Potatoes 2 Potato Coconut Shell Stone 40.0
Walnut Salad Walnut Kernel Cut Lettuce Coconut Shell Hand 40.0
Mashed Root 2 Root Coconut Shell Stone 40.0
Bone Marrow Bone Axe 45.0
Pot Full of Water Cooking Pot 3 Water Bowl Hand 45.0
Sliced Apple Apple Knife 50.0
Sliced Mushroom Mushroom Knife
Orange Juice 2 Peeled Orange Coconut Shell Stone 55.0
??? Peeled Stick Sliced Tomato Raw Red Meat Hand 60.0